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Rules of the Schools

  • Nurturing of both Art and Spirit
  • Balance between Knowledge and Strength
  • Preservation of what is Ancient so as to  generate what is New


  1. Inconsistency: systematic progression must be achieved through consistency and continuity...
  2. Obstinancy, Excessive curiosity: Wanting to learn faster or by skipping steps without having acquired the necessary preparation or having learned well. One must not try to progress too speedily simply for the sake of progression (do not eat more than you can digest, working hard and obtaining little).
  3. Superficiality: Kung Fu has an ancient history with uncountable forms and techniques for gaining strength.  All this has been obtained through the hard work and sweat of past Masters.  Practice must be taken with seriousness, continuous focus and through experience. For every technique learned one must master ability, theory must be profoundly understood and the effect must be felt internally. A superficial attitude will not lead to any success.
  4. Impulsiveness and Crudeness: All the styles of Tradition have a systematic approach to the Practice. Practice is developed according to scientific laws. Crudeness takes you on the wrong path.
  5. Compulsive change: The Tradition has hundreds of Schools and every Master his own ability. The apprentice must not desire to continuously change Style or Master. For as when focus is given to one thing others are necessarily lost along the way, in the end, all are obtained. If a disciple is persistent in this attitude he will be respectfully cautioned, but were he/she not to pay heed to this guidance, initiation must be revoked so as to eradicate this vice.
  6. Interruption of Succession: The Custodian of the Gate must pick his successor before his own death. Succession can be handed down to more than one disciple. If no successor is previously chosen, the Council of Disciples must elect a Successor.
  7. Lack in Compassion: One must always Love others, have a sense of Devotion to the School and protect the Art for the sake of others.
  8. Breaking the Rules: One must live in scrupolous observation of  the Rules. These are to be passed on to future generations.  All must mutually lend a hand and be united. The Masters of the Art must be shown respect.


  1. One must strive  to observe all the teachings and spiritual excellence of the masters by evolving the Art through constant practice.
  2. Evolve and preserve the Wu De by maintaining a spirit of brotherhood and  patriotic  fidelity, if necessary even by going into battle for the defense of the weak. Developing and Divulgating the Art.
  3. Study incessantly so as to grow and better the art through constant practice. Always seek perfection, see the best in others, change oneself. Cultivate humility because knowledge is limitless.
  4. Compassion and Kindness, help one another, do not speak ill of your neighbour, do not exercise the Martial arts to injure or intimidate the weak and defenseless.
  5. Candid Honesty, transparency, do not hesitate to help the needy so as to resolve offences. Be a living example of rectitude, fight that which is evil, refine your body and transform your mind. Transformation in your spirit and emotions should be done purely as a process of evolution.
  6. Select the School’s disciples through a selection based on rigorous practice, virtue and practice must develop hand in hand. Disciples must be honest with their Masters. The Master must strive to love his students. If the disciples behave disrespectfully towards their Master the latter must admonish and correct them.
  7. Never feel satisfied, Kung Fu is infinite and infinite is its study. Its significance is profound. Always aim higher, never halt your progression, do not be infantile and behave immaturely, never be proud and arrogant in your knowledge.
  8. Do not be prejudiced towards other schools. All styles have excellent elements, what counts is hard practice that always aims for perfection, never be fanatical. Learn all that is best from every style, internalize it so as to develop new unity, this is the best attitude for growth.
  9. Never forget your Master and your roots, the disciple absorbed in learning different styles will never be able to grow independently from his Master. As much as abilities or fame may develop even further that those of one’s Master, a true disciple never forgets his/her origin and roots of their talent.
    Never be disrespectful towards the Master or Older brothers.