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YuanYang Men School

YuanYang Men is a traditional school of Kung Fu that prides itself in a profound knowledge of Kung Fu passed on by generation to generation.
It was started as a means to further research and study in traditional Chinese arts with the intent of making accessible the philosophy and in a particular way the practice of all disciplines defined as Traditional Arts: Yoga, Ancient and common Martial Arts fromboth Western and Oriental Traditions.
TheFounders of this ancient school are the Grand Masters Zhou Yong Xiangand Zhou Yong Fu.
Currently there are three globally recognized headquarters:
  • ASIA - China: This is the Central Headquarter located in Jinan (Shangdong province) and has GM° Grand Master Jiang Zhou Cun as its Custodian.
  • EUROPE - Italy: Second Headquarter based in Brescia,Italy and has GM° Grand Master Salvatore Cafiero as its Custodian.

The intrinsic charm and advantage that renders these disciplines a treasure of privileged knowledge lies in the fact that the learning of every philosophic principle must be experimented and recognized through practice: Not only is this a  fundamental criteria for considering an Art ‘Traditional’, but it ensures that the learning of these principles is fully internalized and lived as first hand experience through its practice.
Having therefore considered the integrity and purity of its foundations, Fit-losophy Africa has been created thanks to years of research and practice and is made richer by the priceless contribution of Masters that have always been a point of reference to all researchers and practitioners the world over.