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The Masters of the School

GMs° Zhou Brothers

The late GM° Zhou Yong Xiang and his brother GM° Zhou Yong Fu, currently 99 years of age, have been declared National Treasures of China, due to their great knowledge of Traditional Kung Fu.
Their vast experience and knowledge ranges across the board from External styles to Internal styles, particularly Internal disciplines like Tai Ji, Ba Gua and  Xing Yi.

They were the Founders of "Yuan Yang Men School" , created to protect and pass on this great heritage of Archaic Knowledge.

GM° Jiang Zhou Cun

The Grand Master Jiang Zhou Cun , direct successor of the Grand Masters GM° Zhou Yong Xiang and Zhou Yong Fu.

Amongst his Titles:

Awarded 1° place at the National Championships in close hand weapons combat – full contact with no protective gear – 1983;
Awarded 2° place at the Chinese National Sanda Championships in 1983 – 81 Kg Category;
Awarded 1° place in Tao Lu with routine in Tang Lang at Word Championship held in Reno, Nevada -USA- in 1986;
He is currently the Head of the Physical Education Department at Shandong Teachers' University, one of five institutions in China with authority to confer Master Degrees in Wushu. He is the creator of the new official routines performed during Tang Lang Quan Competitions.

GM° Salvatore Cafiero

The Grand Master Salvatore Cafiero is the President of the Yuanyang Men Europe Association. He began his training in Martial Arts by practicing Judo at the age of nine, moved on to being nominated  Kickboxing Instructor at the WAKO European Championship in 1985 (age 16) and later obtained at the age of 17 his First Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and in Tai Ji Quan under the instruction of Grand Master Chang Dsu Yao.
From 1992 to 1997 he lived in many parts of Asia and was able to learn from some of the greatest experts in Chinese Kung Fu and Indonesian Silat.
In 1995 he was awarded a Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine by the Shangdong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jinan.
Grand Master Liu has recognised him as his ‘Direct Disciple’and is the only European ‘Direct Disciple’ of the Yuan Yang Men School’s Founders. It is thanks to GM Cafiero that this Great Tradition can be passed down to this day.