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Mission of Statements

To research and promote the ancient treasure of Chinese Culture, passed by Kungfu Tradition.
To educate and introduce the Chinese cultures and arts to the public, with the spirit of friendship gathering.
To support the local, national and international community by opening professional training centers/branches of YuanYang Men Schools through an effective program that cover every aspect of life that are Mind, Body and Spirit.
The Taishan Sport Asociation is independent, non-political and oriented toward the true state of art in real work that cover variety in work profession.
To create events, seminars, classes, workshop, training, activities below, but not limited to;
Conducting and creating an educational activities using formal or informal classes and seminars includes but not limited to Traditional Chinese Martial Art of YuanYang Men School, Traditional Chinese Herb Medicine Class, Taoist Agopunture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist Geomancy (Feng Shui), Qi Gong Meditation, Taoist and Buddhist Philosophy and Spiritual Study, etc.
Conducting and creating appreciation events toward Chinese Arts and Cultures such as, Chinese Lion Dance as well.
Conducting and creating activities in international seminar and workshop, kungfu pilgrims in China.
Conducting and establishing training centers/branches nationwide and internationally.
To identify, train, build, certify and promote instructor seed/candidates.
Conducting and creating a demonstration events in the community that includes but not limited to Kungfu Demonstration, Qi Gong as well as fundraiser for non-profit organization, etc.
Conducting and publishing medias such as books, DVDs, Manuals, etc.

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